How does it work?

The manuscript is reviewed by an editor who is a native English speaker and specializes in your specific subject area. This ensures the optimization of both content and language. With us, your paper is in safe hands. Submit your manuscript now

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality professional English language editing services to help authors get their work published in International Journals.

  • All work completed within 3-7 business days ( or as per requirement)
  • Exclusive Guarantee: free re-editing
  • Prices from as low as $80

*Free re-editing: If your manuscript is rejected by any journal due to English language errors after we have edited it, let us know and we will offer a free re-edit. Applies only if no changes in the text were made to the manuscript after our edits.

Editing Process

Services Included

The editor reviews your manuscript. Our editing clarifies and improves your writing without changing the actual meaning. We make small, sentence-level edits to polish the language and fix errors to improve the overall language quality. We also improve the clarity of your arguments to maximize impact and increase your chances of publication.

  • Language editing by a highly qualified editor with experience in your field
  • You will receive an e-mail as soon as your manuscript is ready.
  • Guaranteed quality and an editing certificate

What we offer

  • Correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Check for problems in parallelisms, tense and conjugations
  • Eliminate improper language and poor word choice
  • Natural syntax and flow for smooth, easy reading
  • Concise phrasing
  • Confirm to your choice of British or American English
  • All changes are tracked for your approval

What we don’t offer

  • Format the manuscript, conform to a style sheet or word count changes
  • Extensive paraphrasing
  • Verify, edit or format references
  • Write, re-write or paraphrase any part of the manuscript
  • Reorder or rearrange paragraphs or major elements
  • Adjust or rearrange images

Finished Product​

Copy editing is done while the manuscript is still in Microsoft Word. Your document will be edited using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. This easy-to-use feature records our editors’ insertions, deletions, and comments and enables you to accept or reject each modification made to your document.

Your edited paper will be highly readable and error-free. The arguments and information in the text will be clearly stated and easy to understand. Overall, the language of your work will be polished and ready for submission to a publisher, journal, or committee.


Your Work Is Protected By Our Quality Guarantee

We stand by our work. If a reviewer mentions English language issues, we will edit the paper again for free. We pledge to work with you until you are completely satisfied. We assure to

  • Make no claims on the paper’s authorship
  • Take the utmost care in ensuring that your paper is kept secure and private
  • Leave no other marks on the paper (other than the edits and comments themselves) indicating that it has undergone editing
  • If you do not alter a manuscript that we have edited and it is rejected by a journal on purely English language grounds, you can have your manuscript re-edited free of charge.
  • However, if you make changes in the text of the manuscript after we return it to you and that manuscript is rejected by a journal for English language errors, you cannot return it to us for free re-editing.