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Great service. Very prompt and thorough. I really admire how well they edited my paper. They even added certain suggestions, instead of just correcting my grammar. Overall, I am very pleased with their service and I will continue to use Truelanguageedits

Dr. Ninh Son the

Fast, easy and reliable. My first language is not English, but I still got my papers published in reputed Journals, which I think has a lot to do with Truelanguageedits.

Xiang Wang

This is very prompt and professional service. I totally recommend others to use this proofreader. Thanks for improving my work and due to your hard work I did great work in my dissertation. Best wishes.

Housun Huai

Great service and exceptionally fast to meet deadlines. It is great to use for academic papers especially if you are not a native speaker like me.

Dr. Amit Kumar

Without Truelanguageedits, I could not imagine to publish two articles and complete my PhD. Very thorough and reasonable service. I have tried other services in the market but they are not even closer to Truelanguageedits.

Maria Wilson

I was a little skeptical about their services initially, but after availing it I think that those fears were unnecessary. After using Truelanguageedits, I never faced rejection on the basis of the language of my manuscript.

Dr. Kim Kurt